Mordite Press Presents

Torchbearer Sagas:
Roost of the Condor Queen

A Torchbearer adventure for 3-5 players of 1st-3rd levels

Dangerous Encounters!

Deep in the mist-shrouded mountains to the west, legends tell of a city built at the base of a mighty tree: Puku, the great roost of the Condor Queen. A century ago, emissaries from Puku would travel into the kingdom of Feudor, offering priceless artifacts to trade and dispensing unique insights into the profound mysteries of the Otherworld. These Emissaries were famed for their ability to speak the language of birds, and they credited the great Condor Queen as the source of their many wondrous powers.

The emissaries have vanished, and with them all word of Puku and its denizens. And so the Pukuans have languished in myth, until recently a lost traveler turned up with a wild tale of having found the lost city… and a map. Now the race is on as desperate adventurers and their rivals seek to be the first to reestablish contact with the Emissaries of Puku, and to reap the rewards to be found in the roost of the Condor Queen!

Roost of the Condor Queen
Roost of the Condor Queen Cover

A Torchbearer adventure for 3-5 players of 1st-3rd levels.

Explore the lost city of Puku and uncover the magics of the Condor Queen.

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